Flow Sensor 3/4″ 1-60LPM Pulse Output

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Flow Sensor 3/4″ with 600mm Lead – Pulse Output

Technical Specifications:

Inlet: 1” BSP Male Thread
Outlet: 1” BSP Male Thread

Measurement range 0.5 – 50 LPM
Flow Range – 1-60LPM
K-Factor f= 30Q (LPM)
Repeatability <= 1%
Accuracy <=2.5% of FULL SCALE
Max fluid temperature 80 C
Max ambient temp range -15 C – +60 C
Max fluid pressure 1.5 Mpa
Operating voltage +5V

Wiring Instructions:

Red – 5 -24VDC
Yellow – Signal Output
Black – GND

Pulse per liter – 330

Weight.15 kg



Usually Ships within 1 Business Day

Warranty Information

1) The product carry a standard 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.
2) Our obligation under warranty is to repair or replace the product or refund the price paid excluding shipping charges.
3) The warranty doesn't cover any physical or electrical damage to product mainly due to improper installation, product misuse and wrong wiring connections.
4) The customer need to make sure that installation of product is as per manufacturer instructions. The product warranty will stand void in case the installation is not as per the manufacturer guidelines.

Sensor Not Working:

1) Check the wiring of the FlowSensor and look for any loose connection.

2) Open the screws on the top of the sensor and check whether the sensor is flooded with water.

3) Once the top cover is removed, check whether the PCB is exposed to water, as this must be one of the reasons for sensor not working or functioning properly.

4) If the sensor is corroded, then ask the manufacturer for a replacement.

5) It is advisable to install an inline filter to avoid any debris, as this might result in clogging of turbine inside the sensor.

6) Open the sensor (¾” and 1” versions only) and remove any unwanted debris from inside the sensor.

Sensor Giving False Reading:

1) Check for wiring

2) Clear the debris from inside the sensor

3) Re-calibrate the sensor

The sensor installed should not be flooded with water, as this might result in water seeping inside the sensor circuits and damaging it permanently. The product warranty is void in case the sensor is found to be installed in the situation explained above.




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