Dual Check Valve – 3/4″ Female Inlet x 1″ Male Outlet

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Dual Check Valve 3/4″ Female Inlet x 1″ Male Outlet

Inlet – 3/4” BSP thread Female (AS1722)
Outlet – 1″ BSP thread Male (AS1722)
Max. Operating Pressure – 1050 kPa (152psi)
Temperature Range – 1°C – 60°C (Ambient), 1°C – 60°C (Media)
Flow Rate – At least 60LPM with 50Kpa pressure drop
Media Types – Water
Installation Type – Suitable for both Vertical & horizontal Installations
Made in Australia
WaterMark Approved and Compliant with AS 2845.1 LN 40070


Weight.25 kg



Usually Ships within 1 Business Day

Warranty Information

1) The product carry a standard 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.
2) Our obligation under warranty is to repair or replace the product or refund the price paid excluding shipping charges.
3) The warranty doesn't cover any physical or electrical damage to product mainly due to improper installation, product misuse and wrong wiring connections.
4) The customer need to make sure that installation of product is as per manufacturer instructions. The product warranty will stand void in case the installation is not as per the manufacturer guidelines.

1. Please check the voltage at terminal/leaded end of the solenoid with help of multimeter and check whether the output voltage is as per the rated coil voltage. If the voltage reading is faulty, the coil may have been turned to open circuit. If the reading is correct, proceed to the below stated steps.
2. Check the wire connection and/or the terminals to check the wire integrity.
3. Open the solenoid valve and clean any debris or external matter present in solenoid that might be obstructing the proper shutting of the solenoid.
4. Check the plunger to ensure that nothing is obstructing its movement.
5. Check whether diaphragm is seated properly in its place and there is no tear in it.
6. Make sure that the spring is retained in its place while checking the plunger movement.
7. Close the solenoid and check its working again.
8.If the solenoid still doesn’t work contact the manufacturer for a replacement.




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